ACTIVE SLIM Anti-cellulite fluid cream

1500 rub.
Volume: 200мл
Including VAT

Shapes and models the silhouette and effectively reduces symptoms of cellulite. VIVAX BIOLOGIC fluid cream for home use provides sustainable fat burning effect from the first day of use. It actively contributes to a progressive weight loss throughout the course of use and has a prolonged effect.

Mode of application

Apply the necessary amount of cream to the affected areas of the body, massaging softly in circular motions.
It is recommended to use twice a day to achieve maximum results.
Increases the slimming effect when applied to the affected areas prior to exercise.


Pancreatic peptides (АК-3) stimulate the active weight loss due to burning body fat tissue; epiphysis peptides (АК-9) contribute to the normalization of hormone levels, which is one of the mechanisms for trigging the development of cellulite; thymus peptides (АК-1) activate regeneration processes, renewal of skin cells; vessel peptides (АК-7) regulate metabolic processes in the vessel wall and normalize its tone, and cartilage peptides (АК-12) stimulates the body's own natural collagen production.

Declaration of conformity РОСС RU.AB35.Д18453 of May 13, 2011.