VIVAX Relaxing gel

1500 rub.
Volume: 200мл
Including VAT

It is recommended that the gel be used after physical activity:

  • quickly restores the muscles, ligaments and joints after physical overwork
  • helps remove lactic acid from muscle tissue;
  • actively reduces swelling, essential for treating swollen legs after long flights
  • relieves pain and fatigue;
  • effective in preventing varicose veins;
  • restores the skin health after sun stress.

Mode of application

Massage a small amount of the gel onto the affected areas of the body.
Gel is recommended to combine with iontophoresis, ultrasound and kryolifting for better penetration and optimal effect.


Thymus peptides (АК-1) accelerate the muscle regeneration, the complexes АК-9 (epiphyse peptides) and АК-3 (pancreatic peptides) normalize lipid and carbohydrate metabolism processes in tissues, contributing to the rapid resolution of bruises and swelling caused by injuries.
АК-8 (muscle peptides) and АК-12 (cartilage peptides) restore the optimal functioning of muscle cells and cartilage.

Declaration of conformity РОСС RU.AГ58.Д00186 of February 2, 2012