VIVAX Recovery and regenerating cream

1500 rub.
Volume: 200 мл
Including VAT

The product is used to recover faster from heavy workouts and injuries. Assures combined medical and preventive effect:

  • restores the ligaments and joints after injuries, helps eliminate muscle strain;
  • has a lymphatic effect, reduces swelling and bruising;
  • speeds up healing of tendons injured during workouts, relieves pain;
  • increases joint mobility and improves muscle elasticity;
  • relieves spasms and restores neuromuscular conductivity;
  • reduces sprain-induced pain in muscles after workouts;
  • has an active preventive action to prevent the development of varicose veins.
It can be used before and after physical activity or to help the muscles to relax more quickly, when muscles feel sore after exercise.

Skin moisture analysis data together with the results of the survey indicate that the regenerating cream used to relieve pain and reduce swelling and bruising in the injured area has advanced properties.
Healing and recovery from bruises and sunburns was faster in the studied areas.

Mode of application

Massage the cream for bruises and sprains onto the actively working muscles or affected area that is injured and pains. Continue massaging until completely absorbed.


Complexes АК-8/АК-12 (cartilage and muscle peptides). Ingredients of the remedial cream help regenerate ligaments and joints after injuries, restore neuromuscular transmission, and help to eliminate muscle tension, relieve spasms caused by intense athletic exertion.
Complexes АК-1/АК-9 (epiphyse and thymus peptides) help treat muscles, ligaments and joints, normalize metabolism processes and stimulate the regeneration of affected area that hurts from injury or strain.
In combination with complexes АК-3/AK-7containing pancreatic and vessel peptides, it speeds up the resolution of bruises and swelling.
Complex АК-7 vessel peptides helps reduce muscular pain and ligament sprains caused by stretching, improve blood circulation, quickly removing fatigue after exercise.

The Regenerating Cream has an anti-doping certificate №S101S. Declaration of conformity РОСС RU.AГ58.Д00185 of February 2, 2012