VIVAX Warming cream

2000 rub.
Volume: 200мл
Including VAT

VIVAX Warming cream has a rich gliding and adhesive texture that is required for good working out of muscles during recovery massage. It assures a quick preparation and heating of the muscles.
The warming cream can be used before physical activity and workouts to improve their effectiveness.

Mode of application

It is recommended that the gel be used before workouts, in order to increase efficiency and reduce injuries. Promotes ATP release, raising muscle tone and the potential of the muscles. Increases the protective properties and immune possibilities of cells, preparing the muscles and ligaments to work intensively without damage. Improves blood circulation, deeply warms up the muscles and ligaments.

Stimulates regeneration of joints and ligaments tissue, preparing them to physical activity and considerably reducing the risk of injury.


АК-1 (thymus peptides) assures a quick preparation of muscles to intense physical activities without damage to muscle tissue.
Camphor works to dilate vessels and in combinationwithАК-7 (vessel peptides) improves blood circulation, increases muscle tone and warms up the muscles.
Vasodilation in combination with soybean oil and castor oil allowspancreatic peptides (АК-3) and musle peptices (АК-8) to penetrate to the deep dermal and subcutaneous fat layers.
As a result, it improves cell metabolism in the muscle and cartilage tissue, increases muscle tone.
Active complexes АК-9 (epiphyse peptides) and АК-12 (cartilage tissue peptides)significantly speed up the recovery of muscles, joints and ligamentous apparatus after increased physical activities and injuries.

Anti-doping certificate: S144S Declaration of conformity РОСС RU.AГ58.Д00184 of February 2, 2012